Thursday, April 15, 2010

Suvo Poila Baishakh 1417!!

Suvo Poila Baishakh! Natun Bachharer Suvhechchha sabaike!! 1417-te sabbai bhalo thakun!!

Indrajal comics-er 1st issue post karar pore besh kichhu din kete gechhe. Aj hazir korte chalechhi 2nd issue
Pashhur Pratihinsha.
Asale boita khub ekta bhalo condition-e chhilo na, tai samay lagalo etake refresh korte.

I have to retouch all the pages except 2nd cover and two other pages because they are fully unrecoverable. Those
pages are not including with this cbr file. I am sorry for that.
I have this issue with better condition in English version. May be in future I'll upload it with another blog if I manage to
do it.
I also found this issue in English version in
a comics blog.
Surprisingly I noticed that it is different from my english copy. Upto 17 pages it is same as mine, but from 18 to
29 the story is same but the frames are very very different. Yes it is more than 28 pages without 3rd and back cover.
You know, from issue 029 (in english version ) and issue 007(in bengali version) indrajal comics become 32
pages, before that, issues are 28 pages or less.
So 002 Pashur Pratihingsha (in english it is 024 The Human
Beast) should be within 28 pages.

, here is Pashur Pratihingsha for the first time.


Ei darun garamer dinei ei issue ta release kore chhilo.

It was long time ago, to be exactly 31 years. I don’t remember it was poila Baishakh or not but in 1969, 15th April this book was published.

My friend was very excited with some sequence of this book especially when Betal said "AMI KETECHHI!"
high bench-e darie komore hat rekhe o betaker vangite bolto "AMI KETECHHI!".
Amar anyatama favourite Betal comics

Sagar Guhar Rahasya.


  1. u r right..some of the issues under #100 eng needs kajta ami suru korechilam..that is 2nd round of posting eng ijcs..karon prothom dike ssome stories pagges are missing, & some were taken from charlton..example #2 bengali, i.e. #24 eng..erokom example ro onek ache..tai under #100 issues rescan kora hocche..

  2. thanks for #2..tobe er songe #3 dile ro beshi bhalo hoto..though, thanks for #62 also..

    & b ready..because the suprise is coming up in my blog later tonight..

  3. dekhecho..aasol kothatai bolte bhule gechi..subho noboborsho!!

  4. Thanks walker, Natun bachhar tomar bhalo katuk.
    003 ta ekhon ami retouch korchhi. I have to retouch it all through the pages. kaj sesh holei upload kore debo.
    Tomar chamak-er apekkhai achhhi! thanks again

  5. Nice to see you in action! Pls keep it up!

    Glad to know there is hope to get #24 English cover to cover. If you are planning to make a separate blog for English IJC, pls let us know.

    If you wish to join with us at Indrajal Online as Walker for non-Bengali IJC and interested to know details, pls write mail. Email is my profile. Our structure is clear and very friendly.

  6. Thanks PBC, there are so many Eng.IJC blog, I don't have much to do with making another.

    I like to concentrate with bengali IJC and 1st of all my target to complete 1st 100 rare issues.

    Devil and walker already uploaded a lot between 1st100 and I hope very soon we will reach our target.

    I’ll mail you soon. Thanks again.

  7. Thanks Betal. Thanks a lot. Darun kaj korchhen bhai. Chaliye jan. Onibarjo karon bosoto ei soptahe ami amar release gulo korte parini. Tobe compensate kore debo siggiri. (Onibarjo Karon ta pore bolbo).

  8. Another thing, I will check up my torn pages of issue number 002. If the two pages missing are there, then I will let you know.

  9. Thanks Devil. jadi Chhera page gulo mile jai tobe issue-ta complete kara jabe. janar apekhai thaklam.

  10. Hi Betal, so good to see you being so active, and your template is real cool.

    By the way, do you draw those small portraits, which you publish along with? They look so original.

    Also, thanks for including my blog in your list.

  11. Thanks Rafiq Raja,
    Yes you are correct. Those are my drawings. I am an illustrator by profession.

    And the running horse with phantom, I created it for my niece for her birthday CD when she was little.

    Thanks again.

  12. They are awesome. Good to be in touch with a creative artist (unlike me ;))

  13. Betal Bhai, aap to chhupe rustam ho. Need to bring you in public. :)

  14. Please visit for 3rd issue 0f bengali IJC.

  15. Betal, When I went to read the story, I discovered that Page number 17 of the 1st IJC, Lal Jadukorir Rohossyo, is actually missing. Can you please post that page? Without it the first issue will not be complete.

    And if possible scan the 3rd, 4th & 5th page of that issue also.

  16. Thanks devil. You noticed the missing page. Somehow, I missed the scan. Sure, I will post it with its all-28 pages. About two or three pages, I brought it from Collage Street only few years ago. First two pages merge inner side. If I scan again, I cannot show you what inside the merge portion.

    Thanks again for have me the chance to post 1st Bengali issue at

    with complete form.

  17. Ranjan, please come back. At least we can talk! My id


    tell me uronto dossu...this book serial number

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